Pregnant, Shireen Sungkar Learning hijab

Wife of Teuku Wisnu claimed was studying hijab, like the photos posted Shireen Sungkar on his instagram account. The husband and thousands of others also praised her beauty.

Shireen Sungkar Learning hijab 

Shireen Sungkar Learning Hijab

Soap opera actress who is pregnant is to learn to wear the hijab in everyday life. The news about learning to wear the hijab was seen on his instagram account @shireensungkar.

Teuku Wisnu The wife of the few times when he's posted photos hijab.
"Good Heavens, my wife's beautiful," wrote Teuku Wisnu who left a comment on one of the photos Shireen.

Shireen also capture the moment with her sister, Zaskia Sungkar who had previously hijab.
In one picture description, Shireen said that he was studying.

Compliments came from the female fans born January 28, 1992 is. Not only that around 13,000 people like Shireen photo hijab.

"Beautiful really if Shireen wear hijab, thank God istiqomah hopefully see him happy," said the owner of the account sriastt, Monday (06/30/2014).

In the photos posted, Shireen also promote the collection of Muslim fashion outlets belonging to the husband is @geraihawa.
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